Zone Out Relaxer Glasses

Zone Out Relaxer Glasses

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1. For daytime Stress Relief

• Sit in a comfortable chair; an office chair works fine.

• Set a time on your Smartphone alarm for how long you wish to relax –– fifteen minutes would be a good starting point.

• Close your eyes. Relax your shoulders with your hands down on your lap. Avoid thinking about any problems.

• Think of a pleasurable event. Visualize yourself in a relaxed surrounding, perhaps lying on a beach. 

• Use an earpiece with your Smartphone. Listen to soothing music or other audio choices for your relaxation.

• Take a Zone Out break whenever your body needs it. Figure the middle hour of your awake time, say 2 or 3 o’clock; that is when you may most be in need of   Zone Out.

• It would be most beneficial to take a Zone Out break after working hours, before driving home, which could help reduce commuter-hour stress and make you more alert to respond to driving situations.

• If you will be driving home during nighttime, extend your Zone Out time to that recommended below.

2. For Improved Nighttime Vision

• Do the same as for daytime use, except extend your time with the Zone Out to a minimum of 30 minutes.

• If you only want to improve your nighttime vision it is not necessary for you to close your eyes. Wearing the Zone Out glasses will prevent bright ambient light from consuming visual purple, which is necessary for night vision. The longer you wear Zone Out, the more visual purple gets restored for better night vision.

• Do not wear Zone Out while driving, or while walking outside.