Internship for Vermont's Zone Control  Wellness Coaches

Internship for Vermont's Zone Control Wellness Coaches

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Special for Vermont Zone Control Teachers 

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This internship program is self-paced.

 It begins on April 15, 2018, and continues for one year. 

 Enrollment is open until April 30, 2018

 This Internship program is with Professor Fred Mottola, the inventor of the Zone Control System and the Skid Monster, and the world’s foremost expert on cultivating driver awareness habits. 

 You’ll become a part of a new model of GDL and Driver Education that trains the brain before teens learn to drive. 

 With this new model, you will acquire New Skills and New Training Materials.

1. You will be able to triple the in-car successful performance of teens without increasing in-car time.

2. Teens will acquire mental preparation for making perfect turns, lane changes, parking, and other maneuvers — before learning to drive. 

3. Teens will acquire hundreds of freeway-driving experiences.

4. Teens will develop habits for controlling the four most dangerous situations while driving on a freeway.

5. You will be able to provide training for company drivers to reduce off-job crashes.

6. You will be able to provide training for senior drivers. 

7. You will be able to operate, or own, a Skid Monster Practice Center. 

8. You will be able to conduct activities in the Skid Monster. 

9. You will receive Certification as a Driver Wellness Coach.

10. You will be Certified to operate your own Driver Wellness Consulting Service and provide training programs to any organization that has employees.


There are dozens of additional benefits you will receive that can best be valued after you experience the activities in the Internship program.