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You will receive a FREE Subscription to the Driving MIND eCoach with the purchase of the Driving MIND Pocket Coach book.

The eCoach provides activities for all members of the family to acquire Zone Control Strategies to prevent crashes. You will learn Awareness, Space Management, and Car Control Strategies from the eCoach and then use the MIND Cues from the Pocket Coach book to practice the actions into habits. 

For parents with teens, the Pocket Coach provides a complete in-car Set of activities for step-by-step guidance on how to teach life-saving driving skills to the teen. 

After you purchase a book or books, you will receive an email with enrollment information to enter the Driving MIND eCoach.

As a teacher you will have your own class. Only your students will be in it.  For each Pocket Coach book that you (or your students) purchase, you will receive a free login for your class. You will be able to give this same enrollment information to your students.

You will have access to the “Driver Wellness Coach’s Notebook,” where supporting materials for conducting classroom or Zoom meetings will be located. Guidance on how to use the eCoach, quizzes, and PEP activities will also be on the Notebook.