Pocket Coach book and  3 Month eCoach Subscription

Pocket Coach book and 3 Month eCoach Subscription

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The eCoach is organized into four levels of performance.

  • Level One is learning and using the language of Zone Control as a Co-Driver for Awareness, Share-the-Road, and Speed Control actions. Any member of the family will benefit from the strategies learned and practiced in this level.
  • Level Two is Applying Zone Control Strategies as a pedestrian, bicyclist, co-driver, as well as for licensed drivers. Teens will be able to earn the Zone Control Co-Driver  License.
  • Level Three is Two Phases of in-car performance. Phase One takes place in a parking lot. Phase Two takes place on the road. 
  • Level Three Phase One is step-by-step actions essential for car control skills –– for the teen who has never been behind the wheel, or a senior driver who has had many years of driving. Preventing and correcting skids, precision cornering, precision lane changes, entering freeways, evasive steering control and precision parking are mastered.
  • Level Three Phase Two takes place on the road after successful performance of Level One, Level Two and Level Three Phase One.
  • Level Four is being able to perform the Zone Control Strategies successfully on an unconscious level by habit.

Your 3 month subscription is from June 1, 2020 to August 31, 2021. Note: you will have full access to a functioning eCoach beginning June 1 2020. During the bonus months of June, July, and August we will be making additions to the testing capability of the Driving MIND System.